Winter nights

It’s suddenly feeling wintery out there! Nights are drawing in and the weather has been very stormy. It’s too easy to kerb your wheels if you’re not used to parking in the dark. Or maybe you’ve driven through some standing water and something submerged has damaged your wheel. In these conditions it’s very easy to damage your lovely alloy wheels.

Repair Don’t Replace

If this has happened to you there’s no need to worry. We can repair your damaged alloys and make them look as good as new. Our repair process completely strips and cleans the wheel, then repairs are made and the wheel is painted in your choice of colour and if required diamond cut to return it to its former glory, it’s then lacquered to protect the surface. This process is far cheaper than replacing an accidently kerbed alloy wheel, and it’s greener too!

Take a look at these repaired wheels, you wouldn’t be able to tell they had ever been kerbed. If only everything damaged by the dark stormy nights was as easy to put right.

Damaged alloy wheels
Damaged alloy wheels repaired
Damaged alloy wheels fixed

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