Jaguar F-Type Alloy Wheels Refurb

The Jaguar F-Type is a luxury British sports car. This two seater, coupe version has stunning looks, in a brilliant red finish it’s a real head turner! The F-Type was brought in ten years ago as a modern version of the iconic E-Type. It was launched at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the first new two seater sports car that Jaguar had launched in the last 50 years. The idea behind the F-Type was to make a car that was as fun to drive as it was to look at, but to make it safer and more up to date than the E-Type. They made a genuine drivers car with stunning looks, that has been popular ever since.

Jaguar Alloy Wheels Refurb

The owner of this beautiful red F-Type bought it to us to have its alloy wheels refurbished. They were badly scuffed and didn’t look as good as the rest of the car. After a full refurb by Kevin they are back to their former glory. We think it makes a real difference to the appearance of the car. If you own an expensive, luxury sports car it’s important to maintain it to help to retain its value, as well as keeping it looking great. Repairing is always a cheaper and greener alternative to buying new alloys, so if your car is in need of some attention why not get in touch?

Before and After

Jaguar alloys before
Jaguar F-Type alloy wheels refurbished
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