Featured Wheels

Rain or shine we’re always here to fix your alloy wheels! This weeks featured wheels are some very smart looking BMW wheels, these have been diamond cut with orbit grey inserts. The picture shows them coming out of the oven after being laquered, once they’re cool they’re ready to go back on their BMW M3.

like new alloy wheels

Mercedes AMG Alloys

We also have some Mercedes AMG alloys that were slightly scuffed before diamond cut treatment made them look as good as new. These cars will look great in the summer sunshine now, and their owners will know repairing was not only cost effective it’s also greener than buying new.

If your alloy wheels aren’t looking as good as they should why not get in touch for a quote and book them in with us. We’ll make them look as good as new!

scuffed alloy wheels


like new alloy wheels


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