Eye Popping Alloys!

Do you think alloy wheels only come in the standard silver, grey and black? Think again, if you want to make your car truly original you can get alloy wheels in a huge range of colours and styles. Whether you want to go for a gloss or matt finish, the whole wheel in one colour or a diamond cut pattern to give a two tone effect there are infinite colours and affects you can go for. If you wanted to buy new eye catching alloy wheels you’d be looking at spending at least £900, but prices can easily go up to over £10,000 for the perfect wheels! This is a bit pricey, so is there another way to get the perfect alloy wheels at a fraction of the cost?

red alloy wheels
orange alloy wheels
gold alloy wheels
lime green alloy wheels
light blue alloy wheels
royal blue alloy wheels

Cheaper Without Compromise On Quality

If you’re happy with the structure of your alloy wheels, but wish they were a better colour or less scuffed why not have them re-painted and repaired? Our prices start at £250, which is far more affordable than buying new. It also comes with the bonus that it could take a while to find the colour you have in mind when looking to buy new alloys, but if you come to us with a colour in mind we will be able to buy the right shade of paint. This way you can have truly unique alloys, your car in your style. This might do more than make your car stand out from the crowd, it could also increase the value, as everyone wants to be a little bit different and something unique always has a price tag to match.

white alloys
diamond cut alloy wheels
red diamond cut alloys
original alloy wheels
deep red alloys
bronze coloured alloys

If you’re considering having alloy wheels in any shade please talk to us and we will be able to help you.

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