Save Money!

With the cost of everything so much more than it was last Christmas it’s good to find a way to save some cash. If your alloy wheels have been badly scuffed and you’re thinking you’ll need to get them replaced in the new year we can save you some money. A new set of alloy wheels can easily run to thousands of pounds, each wheel costs an average of £500 and then you have to add fitting costs. A very expensive business, and if you save money and don’t replace them all it will look very obvious.

Refurbishing alloy wheels is a much cheaper option, from only £275 for all four wheels. The refurbishing process will ensure that they look like new wheels, so no-one will know that they’re not brand new wheels. As this process is much greener than buying new you can feel good about your nearly new wheels!

Take a look at the wheels we’ve refurbished below, and if you’re ready to get your alloys refurbed new year please get in touch.

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