VW Golf Alloy Refurb

The VW Golf is a great family car. It has survived since it’s introduction in 1974, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a great quality car that’s just the right size for the average family. Posher than most affordable hatchbacks it has had various redesigns, but has always been a popular choice. In fact a VW Golf is sold somewhere in the world around every 40 seconds. This is an incredible statistic, but this popularity is what has given the car it’s longevity.

The seventh generation Golf is the one you’re most likely to see on the roads today. With it’s modern styling it looks really good. If you’ve bought a second hand Golf and you wish it looked as good as when it rolled out of the factory it might be your alloy wheels letting you down. Alloys take a lot of punishment, it’s so easy to clip the curb and scuff them. Over time they can just look tatty and in need of some tlc.


Wheels Colour Change

This stunning blue Golf came to us with mildly scuffed alloys, and the owner wanted a colour change for his wheels. We can powder coat or paint your alloys in any colour you like, so if you’d like a refurb and a new look maybe consider a colour change too. This car started with anthracite alloys, and we powder coated them in black. A colour change to your alloys can change the appearance of the whole car. Making it look more sporty or just stand out from the crowd. The owner was really pleased with the end result, they were just what he wanted. Take a look at the pictures below, we think they look great!

Before and After

Old Golf alloys
New colour alloy wheels
VW Golf alloy wheel refurb

“Good prices, great finish, nice bloke!”

Chris Lobina

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